The Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria Awards applauds young women for their achievements in undergraduate science / engineering college and/or professional arena. Shri Pralhad P Chhabria always encouraged and supported education of young women. Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria, Founder Chairman of Finolex Group of Companies and Founder President of Hope Foundation and Research Centre firmly believed that women are far superior to men and have always been.  They have the ability to make whatever they get, greater.  And providing them with good education in turn ensures that they not only share their knowledge and skills for their family; but for the community and the nation.

The two awards instituted in honour of Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria are an acknowledgement and appreciation of the academic, research and innovation-driven achievements of young women, The two awards focus towards –

  1. Young female students who are in their final year of undergraduate studies (Science, Engineering, Technology)
  2. Young women who are in their early stage of their career (Research, Industry, Academia)

Receiving this award is an acknowledgement of individual achievement against all odds and an appreciation of the efforts focused towards contributions in the fields of science, engineering & technology. The award is intended to  encourage young women to reach their full potential and achieve for themselves as well as those they are associated with. These awards will transform the lives of young women and can play a critical role in their personal and professional development.